The scholarship is initially granted for one year and can be renewed annually based on the student’s performance and adherence to academy standards.

Renewal is based on performance improvements, competitive results, academic achievements, and positive conduct.

Yes, the football & school scholarship covers full tuition, including training and educational costs. However, this would be subject to the final offer made. However, for the Junior Pro scholarship, only the football training & boarding provisions are made – boarding subject to availability and offer available to student-athletes.

Specific details regarding accommodation are dependent on the scholarship type; please refer to the scholarship terms for more information.

Physiotherapy is not covered under the scholarship, but we can facilitate access to excellent physiotherapy services at a reasonable cost.

Yes, students are welcome to combine this scholarship with other awards unless specifically restricted by the terms of another grant.

Students must maintain a minimum grade average of Bs and above throughout the duration of their scholarship, failure to meet the requirements will result in termination.

Students are expected to demonstrate continuous improvement in their skills and maintain a competitive performance in tournaments.

Scholarship holders are generally expected to participate in 10-15 tournaments per year, depending on their programme track.

Coaching includes technical skill development, strategy, fitness training, and mental conditioning, utilising the latest technologies and methodologies. Student-athletes are typically trained in small groups.

All coaches are certified by UEFA and LALIGA with extensive experience in training junior to elite level players.

Progress is regularly assessed through performance reviews and communicated to parents through reports and meetings.

We have protocols in place for managing injuries, including immediate care and modified training programmes to support recovery.

Yes, we provide guidance and support for college placements.

Yes, the scholarship is open to international students.

Additional costs may include travel for tournaments, personal equipment, and optional extras like physiotherapy.

Yes, students are expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct that emphasises sportsmanship, respect, and teamwork.

Disciplinary issues are handled according to our academy’s policies, which include warnings, probation, and potential revocation of the scholarship for severe breaches.