Football & School Programme at LALIGA ACADEMY Malaysia

Technical Director: Diego Gutierrez Ramos

Diego Gutierrez Ramos, our esteemed Technical Director and Head Coach, brings a wealth of expertise to LALIGA ACADEMY Malaysia. With extensive experience in teaching, a degree in Sports Science, and advanced qualifications in Football Analytics and High-Performance Play, Diego holds a UEFA Pro License.


At LALIGA ACADEMY Malaysia, we blend the renowned LALIGA football training methodology with a world-class British education provided by Epsom College in Malaysia. Our mission is to nurture young football talent while equipping them with the academic tools for success.

LALIGA Methodology

Our structured football training process covers four key areas: Technical & Coordination, Tactical & Cognitive, Psychosocial & Social, and Physical & Conditioning. With over 100 training concepts, our methodology ensures players develop into well-rounded athletes.

Camp Details

Participants will engage in intensive training sessions, small-sided games, and skill development drills under the guidance of expert coaches. Our state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive curriculum ensure a fulfilling and enriching camp experience.

Player Development

Players receive individual progress reports and access to game recordings for analysis. Fitness sessions, tactical video sessions, and theory classes complement on-pitch training, fostering holistic development.

Training Structure

Training sessions are tailored to different age groups, focusing on technical proficiency, tactical understanding, and mental resilience. Our programme is designed to challenge players of all skill levels and accelerate their growth.

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